Designing a logotype and corporate identity
for Karelia: a brand of tactical clothing

Karelia is a new Russian brand of tactical equipment and casual clothing. Its designs feature remarkable durability, comfort, and functionality: both in the wild and in the city.
A viewer can easily read several images in the sign: a well-known
Karelian golden eagle and hills, constituing the landscape.
Hexacedral shape of the logo references ideas of technology and utilitarity.
Its font contains graphic elements of Slavic alphabet.
We've made two version of the logo: a Latin one and a Cyrillic one.
The logo on a lable
We've developed two options of patterns for the brand: one for communicative
purposes and another for designs of clothing lining.
The pattern made of firs and arrows is featured here: it looks wild and aggressive.
Product certificate
Working on the corporate identity of the brand,
we've also designed a product certificate with
a thorough desription of all its features and qualities.
The second branded pattern was designed
for communication and represents
a stylised image of the countryside, a map of heights.

We used a piece of actual Karelian map as a reference.
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