Client from hell
Честно говоря, ругать клиентов уже давно стало неким моветоном. И если уж совсем честно, то у нас давно не было плохих клиентов. Но мы хотим вспомнить времена, когда некоторые проекты превращались в сущий кошмар.

Неважно, вы начинающий специалист или опытный креативный директор, нужно все время следить за тем с кем ты работаешь. Будешь работать с мудаками — сам превратишься в мудака. Есть несколько признаков клиентов from hell.

01. Завышенные ожидания

Клиент нанимает вас потому что у него недостаточно ресурсов или скиллов для выполнения проекта самостоятельно. A client is employing you because they lack the skill set or resources to complete a project themselves. However, they should still have a goal in mind and a relatively clear idea of what they're after. If not, expect the project to balloon and for your blind attempts to miss the mark.

02. Unappreciative

A terrible client may expect behaviour, time or discounts for no other reason than they think they deserve it. Giving them what they want only reinforces their belief that the freelancer lives to work for them.

03. Неуважительное отношение

Очевидно, The best relationships are when you work with a client, not for them. Clients who don't see you as an equal won't see their disrespect as a disservice; rather, they'll act like common practices are a privilege.

04. Devaluing good work

Nobody is thrilled to spend money if they don't have to, but if a client devalues your work and efforts in an attempt to lower your rate, watch out. The freelancer-client relationship should be mutually beneficial. Clients should feel they get value out of their freelancers, and freelancers should feel valued by their clients.
Насмотренный клиент показывает вам примеры фейковых логотипов, которые были придуманы just for fun. He shows you dribbble, behance, most appreciated works. Of course, everybody wants best design, but this type of clients cant see big picture. Usually behind big projects hiding great team work.

The branding is about design.
Кровосос хочет всегда больше. Как зомби ищут мозги — он просит options, options, options, more color options, more typeface options.

You already tried many options, but he wants more. Let's try olive-pink color. Bloodsucker do not trust you. He only trust himself.

With bloodsucker you should have huge authority if not — he will kill you. You should stay on your position to the last. Any weakness he notice — he will grip to it and won't retreat until you die.
Покажи кто здесь босс
Ты конечно же! Ты платишь деньги
This is the most often type of a clients we have met and the worst type. Everything is looking fine in the start of a project, a brief is fully filled, an upfront payment is done, a questions answered. You see a man before yourself. You did a great job, you are showing a sketches or presentation, or whatever. Sun is shining, weather is sweet. And you got e-mail or phone call from a beast with a flames from his ears. Your work is so bad that Lucifer use it for torture poor sinners in hell. Here comes the beast. Nothing can't stop the beast.

Somebody can think that the problem is on our side, but it is not. We know our quality, we know each other many years.
Kill, kill, kill
This is just killer. He just kill. There is no reason, there is no why, motive or something else.

For example, we sent to the client presentation with beautiful concepts, deep research and argumentation. The answer was — "This looks like crap." Ok, we are not so simple, we tried to take more feedback. He thought about feedback 3 days, and his final answer was "This looks like shit".

This is how killer works. Your argumentation, your entire work could be killed with just one phrase — I don't like it.

How to work with killer? No way. You can notice a killer by a few signs: he dont want to fill a brief, or his brief is very sketchy, he don't took your work seriously, he think that you guys just playing with mouse in Photoshop.