Hello, we are looking for models!
In 2016 Dmitriy Antonov launched the CastWeek models casting service. It helps the models follow the castings, earn more money, and be informed about new proposals. CastWeek brings models and agencies together on one convenient platform.

We helped to create the unique image of the project by creating a memorable logo that is the flagship of the project's branding. Traditionally, we offered the customer a few variants to choose from.

The first variant: the logo contains a clear image of the model, without unnecessary metaphors and double meanings.
The second variant – a mixed image of an eye and a star, suits perfectly to the service's concept. The eye symbolizes the process of search, and the star stands for models.
The third variant brings us into fairytales and shows the image of a mirror that tells its owners who is the loveliest girl in the world.
The fourth variant combines the images of a star and a model's face covered with a bang elegantly.
The final logo with an updated font.
The logo in real life
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