Crypto Loans
Get instant cash, hold your cryptoassets
Crypto Loans
Get instant cash, hold your cryptoassets
Keep profit from growth
Keep your crypto asset
and get instant liquidity
Invest in business, start-ups, stocks
or other markets
Pursue a potential tax benefit
for not selling your crypto
Cryptocurrencies have quickly become one of the most valuable commodities on earth. Despite their relative novelty, they are increasingly occupying a significant amount of mind and market share.

Unfortunately, while they are incredibly popular, they are not easy usable.
BitSugar was founded by people who believe that cryptocurrencies have the potential to change the world. We set out to build financial products so that the crypto community can derive more value from their assets both today and in the future.
We are an inspired collection of entrepreneurs, bankers, analysts, programmers, designers, researchers, investors, and dreamers. We are customer-oriented, service-centered, and technologically-excellent.

BitSugar is an EU licensed lending company. We are both KYC and AML certified with a robust lending policy and credit department that is in compliance with European financial directives.
About Bitsugar
Four easy steps to get the loan
Submit request
Provide KYC documents
Send crypto to the cold storage
Get cash to your bank account
Fixed rate loans up to €1,000,000
Starting from 2.00% per month
3-12 months with option to renew
Loan-To-Value Ratio
up to 65%

BitSugar App
  • Apply for the loan
  • Upload KYC documents
  • Manage the payments
  • Live Notifications
  • Online chat with support

Coming in Q3 2018
1. Get Cash
Use our website or mobile app
to apply for the loan
Provide necessary KYC documents
Send selected amount of cryptocurrency
to the new loan's cold storage
Get cash via bank transfer
to your bank account
2. Service
Manage your loan from your BitSugar
account via web or mobile app
Make monthly payments with fiat
or cryptocurrency according to payment schedule
Get 24/7 support
3. Get the deal done
After the loan's repayment is done,
you automatically get back
your crypto from cold storage
You can request new loan
for the same collateral

BitSugar Card
  • Get instant cash
  • Spend crypto, without selling it
  • Make online and offline purchases
  • Withdraw from any ATM around the world

Coming in Q4 2018
Apply in 30 seconds
Apply to participate in our new webinar about social media marketing and building your brand
Cryptoasset type for the collateral
Privacy Policy
AML and KYC Policy

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